Modular Scaffolding

Modular Access Platforms

Static modular access platforms are becoming increasingly commonly used throughout the construction sector where there is the opportunity or requirement to remove the need for the use of traditional access methods such as scaffolding.

Churchill’s designed modular access platform has been in service for over 25 years and is quick and simple to install and is often constructed using rope access due to the component parts being easy and light to handle.

In addition to providing a standard width scaffold platform around the outside of almost any type of structure regardless of its construction i.e steel, concrete, brick, clad etc the system can also be installed on the inside of a radius to provide quick and easy access to underground vertical shafts regardless of their diameter.

Once installed our modular access platform has also been designed to support the installation of a suspended access cradle up to three metres in length to provide a safe working platform for up to three men and tools.

This proven system is very adaptable and offers a quick cost effective solution significantly reducing man hours working at height when compared to the installation of traditional scaffolding alternatives.

Modular scaffolding designs
Modular scaffolding designs