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Fall Arrest Systems

The installation and use of fall arrest equipment features very prominently in the working at height arena which has resulted in Churchill’s being well placed to advise on the specification of a new installation and the maintenance of existing systems all in accordance with BS EN 353-1.

The term fall arrest is commonly used however its essential that the terms ‘fall arrest’ and ‘fall restraint’ are clearly understood to establish the specification of the correct system.

Fall arrest systems are designed to allow maximum freedom of movement for the user of a system so they can conduct their task. In doing so this allows the user to access the point where a fall could occur i.e the edge of a roof. In the event of a fall this system is designed to arrest a fall and provide the opportunity for the user to be rescued or effect a self-rescue.

Fall restraint systems are designed and installed to permit a person to work close to the edge of a roof i.e for cleaning gutters or any other potential fall hazards such as roof lights. Typically fall arrest restraint systems are positioned more than two metres away from the hazard which then allows the user to don his fall arrest harness connected to the system via a standard 1.5 metre long lanyard.

Churchill offer a wide range of fall arrest equipment available from our online shop for next delivery to anywhere in the UK with training in the safe use of fall restraint and fall arrest equipment available at our Nottingham HQ.

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