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Refractory Linings

Refractory linings are typically used in processes that include excessive heat or aggressive gases both with the capability to affect the performance and condition of the main structure.

Materials used in the lining of an industrial chimney, kiln or flue duct can range from refractory fired bricks to sprayed concrete both providing a high resistance to heat and chemical attack.

Refractory linings require regular inspection and maintenance if they are to remain in a serviceable condition, maintenance that often involves replacing thinning or damaged areas of a lining particularly as it ages.

When maintenance is beyond economical repair Churchill offer a full removal and replacement service of all types of refractory linings including the installation of suspended access platforms to significantly reduce costs and reduce the outage period.

Where production cannot stop, Churchill can design, provide and install temporary flue arrangements fitted to the external walls of a structure so that the removal and replacement of the refractory lining does not affect production.

To date the largest re lining project undertaken by Churchill’s was completed in 2009 and involved the removal and replacement of 2x 109m tall x 4.3m diameter brick lined flues serving the Gas Turbine chimney at Eon Ratcliffe on Soar.

Refractory Lining
Spray application of new concrete following removal of defective existing and installation of steel reinforcing