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In a fast moving world the demand for energy continuously sees new and innovative supply solutions delivered at a pace that often sees even relatively new technology redundant almost overnight.

This can result in large energy production sites being forced to scale back or close with a requirement for the site to be modernised or often dismantled and left in a condition for future redevelopment.

Often before the dismantling and demolition process can begin there will be a need to access, survey, clean, remove and make safe the environment before the main process of clearing the site begins.

This initial process can involve handling contaminated waste particulate of a now redundant production process, something that demands the team engaged with this undertaking are highly qualified and adequately supervised at all times.

Churchill have a wealth of experience in the decommissioning of assets located in sensitive and restrictive environments including the nuclear, coal fired power, petro chemical, waste and heavy industrial sectors including the steel industry.

Please take a minute to read through our dismantling & demolition portfolio which contains a large number of projects where Churchill were also employed to carry out decommissioning on a large scale prior to the dismantling/demolition phase.

Decommissioning Nuclear Power Station
Modular scaffolding materials