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Working at Height Rope Rescue

How do you retrieve that worker who has fallen from a bridge or rooftop and is left suspended 3 meters below the surface previously supporting them, whilst they are still out of reach from the ground?

Our highly qualified team can be on hand to respond to all of the dangers of working at height. Each and every one of our response team has been trained to an BS: 7985 to fully meet all requirements of the regulations.

Our teams are available for all of the following incident responses:

  • Tower Rescue
  • Mast Rescue
  • Crane Rescue
  • Structure Rescue
  • Roof Top Rescue
  • Wind Turbine Rescue
  • Bridge Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Culvert Rescue
  • Excavation Rescue

Often employers fail to consider how they will recover a worker who has fallen from a work position after the fall has been arrested. The fall protection system is the mandate that prompts procedure for the rescue of personnel in the event of an incident.

Churchill Specialist Contracting guarantees full competency for you and your workers by ensuring all of the complex issues and specifications of these regulations are fully covered.

"Ensuring you comply with all regulations and rescue requirements"

Working at Height Rope Rescue 1
Working at Height Rope Rescue 2