Environmentally friendly sponge blasting to remove corrotion from existing steelwork

Surface Preparation

Churchill has a suitable surface preparation system for any environment. From confined space or dangerous environments to the safe removal of hazardous substances such as lead based coatings.

Churchill offer the following surface preparation systems;

Conventional Grit blasting, dry and wet

Using abrasive materials such as iron ore slag, open grit blasting is used to remove contaminants such as paint from existing structural steel work or coatings from floors, tank walls or bunds. The system can be used with water in order to supress the dust. This can however lead to minor flash corrosion and in some circumstances where high preparation such as SA2.5 is required may leave the surface needing an additional pass once the surface is dry

Captive Sponge Blasting

Sponge blasting provides an environmentally friendly captive dust free solution while producing a dry profile. The sponge media is available in varying grades and is capable of removing single coats of paint from an aircraft fuselage to producing SA 2.5 profile on heavily corroded structural steel.

Sponge media is commonly used for removing substances such as lead paint from structural steel. The sponge media captures the contaminated material, preventing it from becoming airborne. The sponge simply falls to the ground whereupon it is collected and placed through a recycling unit.

The recycling unit is a series of vibrating grills that separate the sponge from the contaminant. The contaminant is then easily bagged in readiness for safe disposal or collection.

The sponge can then be reused up to 6 times.

The process is dust free meaning other trades can work within the vicinity of the blasting operator. On larger projects this can lead to increased productivity as multiple trades can safely operate in close vicinity of each other.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Churchill provide high pressure water jetting solutions from 1500 Psi through too ultra- high 20,000Psi units.

High pressure water jetting units fitted with rotary heads are used to remove everything from industrial coatings to calcite or build- up of by products from production processes on bunds, tanks, vessels and chambers.

Churchill provide operatives who are trained in confined space entry and rescue procedures along with full Breathing Apparatus where required, ensuring that essential pieces of equipment can safely be worked on even in the most hostile environment.

Churchill provide Hydro-demolition services for concrete cutting. High pressure water is used to remove defective concrete and is nationally recognised as the quickest and safest way to remove large volumes of defective concrete. The technique is vibration free, ensuring that the finished substrate has no micro cracking, which is often the case when using conventional vibrating tools.

Sponge blasting compressor and filter operation 1
Sponge blasting compressor and filter operation  2