Leak Sealing Specialist

Churchill Specialist Contracting have a wealth of experience in the field of Injection leak sealing utilising both high and low viscosity polyurethane and polyacrylic gel products.

New construction of basements, lift pits and the like often demonstrate areas of water ingress. This can be caused by a number of reasons, poorly compacted materials, displacement of water bar within construction joints, movement or settlement resulting in cracking of basement walls.

Churchill use specialist high and low pressure injection pumps to deliver the materials through high quality injection bore packers, straight to the heart of the problem, in turn providing a permanent water tight solution.

Our polyurethane materials are the ideal solution for wet and dry surfaces and moving or live cracks. Extremely low viscosity for superior penetration in hairline crack injection. Essentially non-foaming under pressure, the resin creates a dense and flexible seal. A catalyst adjustable gel-time is used allowing the material to set slowly or extremely quickly where larger volumes of water require arresting.

Upon contact with water our water stop foam PU reacts to a semi flexible foam while expanding its volume 30 to 40 times. The cured material is of a constant volume. Since water is not a component of the foam structure, the cured material is essentially not effected by water or dryness. The reacted material does not shrink or swell. Depending on the amount of accelerator added and the pressure of injection, the PU reacts to a dense, closed cell, semi rigid material or a more open cell, semi flexible product. For best waterproofing results the closed cell structure is desired. The material is designed for sealing water leaks and cutting off gushing water. Due to the low viscosity of the material it provides good penetration in hairline crack injection. The product can also be used for the filling of voids, cracks and honeycombing in stone or concrete structures and can be applied as a nonshrink, high strength soil stabilization grout when used with reduced accelerator ratio. The moisture content of the soil must be sufficient to ensure reaction

Motorised cradle suspended from the modular scaffolding for access to leak sealing works
Modular access platform