Hard Foam Plastic BV – Backfilling Redundant Underground Services

Hard foam plastic BV is used for back filling redundant underground services including sewers and the stabilisation of industrial floors and roads.

This innovative system for backfilling redundant underground services has the added benefit of providing a cured strength of 30Kn, which on average is more than double that achieved when using traditional flowable cementitious grouts to backfill.

One of the main advantages of using Hard Foam is that the operation is self-contained in the site delivery vehicle and therefore offers an all-round cleaner solution when compared to cementitious based grouts, which has a process often require a significant amount of post work cleaning to take place.

The product, to give its full descriptive title QF 66 Hard Foam, has the advantage that the liquid is applied and cures without having to expand.

The final cured product is relatively light in weight, another major advantage when compared against concrete-related materials, and can be pumped with large amounts of substance in a relatively short period of time, more than halving that of many cementitious grout applications. This provides a significant time and cost saving and in addition helps further increase the green footprint of QF 66 Hard Foam.

This innovative alternative to back filling redundant underground services as well as other applications boasts so many clear advantages over cement based alternatives and although relatively new to the UK market is set to very quickly become the application and product of choice.