Application of environmentally friendly cold sprayed liquid rubber roofing surface

Fully Encapsulated Cold Spray Roofing Membranes

Liquid Rubber is an eco-friendly coating capable of waterproofing most surfaces including, concrete, asphalt, felt, steel clad, asbestos and glass.

Liquid Rubber is a cold applied solvent free, instant set system delivered through a spray machine that is instantly shower proof and once cured, in under 15 minutes, is completely waterproof. As the system is a water based product it can be applied to damp surfaces and with an air temperature of five degrees and rising.

Liquid Rubber has enjoyed a successful track record in the North American market for over 30 years, where the extreme temperature variances and weather environments are much more challenging compared to the UK.

The advantages of the Liquid Rubber system include:

  • Significant cost savings compared to other traditional roofing alternatives
  • When applied to existing asbestos roofs it not only provides a watertight seamless membrane, but also serves to reduce the risks associated with asbestos sheets.
  • Boasting excellent environmental credentials, as an odorless non-toxic product, free from solvents and VOC’s, ideal therefore for use in food processing facilities and coastal environments.
  • No Joints or Seams – The product is a single application, seamless membrane that fully bonds to the surface eliminating water tracking and weaknesses encountered by joints and seams.
  • Potential fire risks associated with hot works is completely removed.
  • Liquid Rubber is UV stable.

Perfect for the use on:

Asbestos & Pitched/Corrugated Roofs – It will extend the life of pitched and asbestos roofs.

Flat Roofs - For larger areas, Liquid Rubber delivers a fully bonded non-hazardous seamless membrane that can cover virtually any surface.

Structural Waterproofing - Provides a fast and effective waterproofing solution that can be used on many different structures from walls and floors to basements and wet rooms.

Spray gun for application of liquid rubber
Application of environmentally friendly cold sprayed liquid rubber roofing surface 2