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CFRP Composite Strengthening

Churchill provide and install composite carbon fibre strengthening solutions for the reinforcing of concrete, brick and steel structures. Churchill install both CFRP Plate and Wrap systems.

Carbon fibre plate and wrap is used to increase the load bearing to beams and slabs or alternatively increase shear or hoop strength to vessels and Silos.

Carbon fibre plate and wrap has been used to increase load capacity on many of the UKs bridges in recent years. Carbon fibre plate is chemically bonded using high strength epoxy resins to the underside of bridge beams dramatically increasing the structures ability to carry increased load.

CFRP products have also been successfully used to increase point loads to multi storey buildings and car parks Alternatively CFRP Plate has been used to provide additional hoop strength to coal and grain silos.

Carbon fibre has very high tensile strength and is also very lightweight. When bonded to the exterior of a concrete column, beam, or slab, it can add significant strength without adding weight that would increase the load on foundations and other structural members. The composite material is called fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). FRP wraps are easy to apply and can be used on any size or shape of structural member. Traditional techniques for strengthening, such as adding concrete and reinforcing steel around the outside of a structural member (often with shotcrete), external post-tensioning, or adding structural steel supports (shoring) often are more expensive due to the extra work to get everything into place.

The primary reason to use this technique is to add strength to an existing structure. In some cases, it might be used on new construction, although at this time that is usually only in response to some sort of design or construction error. In appropriate applications, FRP strengthening can be 30% to 50% less expensive than traditional strengthening due to the ease of installation.

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