Bridge Deck and Tunnel Waterproofing

The replacement of bridge deck and tunnel waterproofing systems are often costly and require lane or road closures or even rail possessions in order to waterproof structures.

Many projects require the existing surface to be removed prior to installation of a new waterproof membrane. On completion the road or rail needs reinstating. Where tunnels are concerned the elastomer gel injection system proves to be a highly competitive and effective solution.

Churchill utilise an Elastic polyacrylic injection gel in order to provide a cost effective solution to this problem.

The procedure involves drilling through the barrel of the structure on a 500mm grid pattern and inserting 15mm injection bore packers the full depth of the arch, tunnel or deck slab.

This is so as to ensure that the waterproof elastic gel is placed over the structure. The material is injected as a 2 part product at high pressure and forces its way between naturally forming fissures and shrinkage within the clay or over lying materials. The material cures to form a highly elastic waterproof gel. The product curing period is controlled by a part (B) catalyst. The cure time can be altered from 3 minutes to 30 seconds. The desired set time is controlled at site level as the material will flow quicker within some structures than others.

  • Permanently elastic, can absorb limited movement
  • Capable of reversibly absorbing (swelling) and releasing (shrinking) moisture
  • Gelling time can be adjusted to the specific requirements (low/high temperatures, etc) 
  • Very low viscosity which is comparable to that of water 
  • Cured material is insoluble in water and hydrocarbons and resistant to acids and alkalis Environmentally friendly, can be used in ground water protection zones
  • Resistant to alternating freeze and thaw exposure
  • Must be injected as a two component system