Helita pulsar early streamer emission devices ese

ESE Devices

As an alternative to the traditional ‘Faraday Cage’ method of lightning protection, we offer the ‘Early Streamer Emission’ (ESE) type system.

Churchill recommend and install the ABB Helita Pulsar range of ESE devices which are considered the international leader in this form of lightning protection.

The ESE concept is the generation of an upward leader in an attempt to intercept the lightning stroke and conduct it to the general mass of earth through traditional down conducting paths to an earth termination network.

Dependant upon a range of circumstances, roof mounted ESE Devices can offer a radius of protection up to around 100m. A series of strategically placed devices can therefore be installed in an attempt to provide cover over much larger areas.

The advantages of an ESE device over a traditional Faraday Cage lightning protection system lie in the reduced number of physical lightning conductors, and therefore offer an alternative where the architectural constraints of a project make the installation of a traditional system prohibitive.

Whilst widely accepted on the continent and recognised by NF C 17-102, it should be noted that ESE Devices are not currently recognised by BSEN 62305, or its predecessor BS6651.

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