Ratcliffe On Soar Clean Deck

Case Study: Ratcliffe On Soar Power Station

Churchill Specialist Contracting Ltd were awarded the contract by E.on in 2004 for the external survey and refurbishment of 1 of 8 115m tall concrete cooling towers at Ratcliffe on soar power station. Following the successful completion of the contract in 2004 e-on extended the contract for a further tower to be completed during 2005 and two towers to be completed during 2006. In 2007 the contract was extended again by e-on for the completion of two towers during 2007.

The Solution

Each tower contract involves up to twelve operatives working at various locations throughout the tower from motorized access cradles suspended from purpose built rigs designed and installed by Churchill Specialist Contracting Ltd. As part of the contract Churchill employ rescue and recovery procedures capable of effectively rescuing operatives from any point on the 118m tower within a fifteen minute period.

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Ratcliffe On Soar Scaffold Installation
Ratcliffe On Soar Cooling Tower Laddered