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Case Study: Open University Milton Keynes - Lightning Protection

In addition to the full maintenance package Churchill conduct at the Open University, a full BSEN62305 Lightning protection design supply and installation was required for five buildings located on the Milton Keynes campus. This was successfully secured as part of a competitive closed bid tender directly to the University.

The Solution

This was a full turnkey project from design and risk assessments through to excavation and reinstatement of ground, equipotential bonds to main earthing and surge protection. Churchill’s SHEQ team where responsible for CDM to the satisfaction of the University’s health and safety management and the site was fully occupied and operational throughout the contract. Emphasis was also placed on hiding the conductors where possible, which can be seen from the photos below.

The installation involved over 12000 metres of conductor and some 150No. 600x600mm earth lattice mats installed in hand dug excavations throughout. In addition to MEWPS, access to certain roofing areas was a challenge and involved a 55 tonne crane to lift a man riding basket to reach working areas.

The Project was successfully completed, fifteen days before the programme deadline with no unforeseen additional costs.

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