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London Power Tunnels is a major construction project currently being carried out on behalf of the National Grid. Churchill have been employed by Costain to undertake the design and installation of a bespoke access and leak sealing solution

There are twelve number individual access shafts measuring approx. 13 metres in diameter and some 40 metres deep, providing access into the tunnel network. The shaft is made up of interlocking concrete ring sections.

During a heavy period of sustained rain the rings were seen to be leaking groundwater at various locations around the circumference of the shaft. The rings required injection polyurethane leak sealing. Prior to Churchill’s involvement the client considered installing a fully independent scaffold access system.

The Solution:

Through Churchill’s Access / Steeplejack division we designed and installed a bespoke high level access system. Our highly trained access operatives installed the flying deck from above accessing through the top hatch of the shaft.

The bespoke system provides a cost effective, quick and easy access to the problem areas, allowing our injection leak sealing teams to undertake their specialist works.

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