Case Study: Gas Holder, Cornwall

Churchill Specialist Contracting carried out the design supply and installation of an Isolated Lightning Protection System for a new 570m³ Biogas System for AJ Tensile on an existing water treatment works in Cornwall.

Biogas systems are used to control the storage and distribution of gases generated by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. This lowers the carbon emissions into our atmosphere and the energy produced can be utilised to create environmentally friendly energy.
Churchill completed the project on time and to the client’s budget to protect this valuable asset from the dangerous effects of lightning.

The Solution

Due to the potential hazards involved with the storage of explosive gases, BSEN62305 2011 recommends an ‘Isolated Lightning Protection System’ to afford protection. Four 12m high free standing air terminals connected to a type B ring earth electrode system were required to offer an adequate ‘Zone of protection’ using the rolling sphere method, to protect the Gas holder from direct lightning strikes.